Bible Pathways Classes

March 15, 2017

The number Bible Pathways classes is growing as the Share missionaries take what they’ve learned about teaching from the Bible to the villages where they serve.  As the students in each of these classes matures in the ability to read and understand the Scripture, God’s kingdom in Turkanaland gains more bold evangelist to take the Word to the Turkana people.  All students are given their own Bibles .  Audible Bibles are given to those who have not yet learned to read and write.  Share is also expanding its Adult Literacy classes to enable more people to read the Bible.

Moses Loburuk with his Bible Pathways class at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Turkanaland

Peter Adir presented Bibles to the Bible Pathways students in Neyanaemeyen Village

Joseph Lotuk with his Bible Pathways students in Neyanaemeyen Village

The Bible Pathways class in Kakuma Refugee Camp were happy to receive their own Bibles.

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