Adult Literacy Classes Visitation Report

February 19, 2015

On a recent journey to visit the Share International adult literacy classes throughout Turkanaland, new blackboards and erasers were delivered to the teachers for their classes. It was a joyful time for students and teachers to receive the new materials. Students are still committed to coming to classes despite the drought that is affecting Turkanaland now. Their performance is improving in the classes, and some steudnts can now write and read from the Bible. We give thanks for the faithful work of the teachers there showing up to make a difference as they share the gospel and their very lives with their students each day.Chokchok teacher at work with his student

Chokchok class receives new black board

A student at chokchok on test by the cordinator

Students and thier teacher joyfully receive new black board at nadapal

Kangukus student demonstrating her deligence

Kaitese class at work

Elelea teacher instructing a student

Class teacher at Monti with full package of teaching materials

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