About Turkanaland

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Turkanaland is a dry desert region located in northwestern Kenya. Comprising an area of over 24,000 sq mi, the Turkana District is home to over 500,000 people. Most of these people belong to the nomadic Turkana tribe.

Their livelihood is extremely dependent on all aspects of their environment. Livestock is an extremely important resource as it provides food and wealth. The land is barren and nearly inhospitable. Famine and drought are prevalent. Disease wreaks havoc on the people.

Many people in the Turkana tribe still adhere to their traditional, centuries-old religion. Witchdoctors hold a powerful influence over the people.

In the midst of this chaos, Jesus Christ is redeeming the Turkana people. He is providing for their needs and giving comfort. Many are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and leaving behind their sinful past. They are discovering the joy of a life lived in Christ.

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