A Testimony from Esther Kaaleng – Children of the Kingdom Assistant Coordinator

January 26, 2013

I thank God so much for how far God has brought me since  I was a child. I am the first born in our family having both parents ,my five sisters and my one brother.

I got to know my sponsor Emily Huff when she came to Turkana as a student in 1994. We stayed together at our home as one family as sisters.

After going back to the US, she was moved about the hardships of many Turkana children not going to school because of lack of fees and basic needs.

As for me and my younger sisters, our dad used to struggle so hard to make sure that we were able to go school everyday walking 3km away from home.

Emily thought about starting Children of the Kingdom program in Turkana with my dad in 1995, and many children got the opportunity of going to school while their parents also received support to cater for their basic needs.

In 1999, I also got an opportunity to get into COK programme and Emily Huff became my sponsor starting from primary school up to now supporting my education. I thank God so much for bringing my sponsor Emily into my life. Because of the support, I was able to finish my high school in 2007, I joined college until 2011 where I earned my Diploma Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics.

In 2012 September, it was announced that the COK Assistant Coordinator was needed in Share International, and they were looking for a woman who had been a graduate from the COK program.  I applied for the post and attended the interviews on 12th Sept at Team Leader’s Office. It was really a tough competition between the ladies who applied in which I managed to be the winner by half a mark margin.

On the 13th, the following day after the interviews, I reported to the office and my Boss Coordinator Dickson Maisa welcomed me to the office and introduced me to the work  I am supposed to be doing as the COK Assistant Coordinator.

My journey with the COK as the Assistant Coordinator is very good and interesting because I enjoy doing it with Dickson hand in hand. He is very quick in showing me all the work both inside and outside the office including visiting the all 10 SIAL Classes, attending to the New Hope Children and also children in SIFA program. We also attended COK Outreach Mission with 57 students at Napeililim last year in December 2012.

As I started working in the COK office, when arranging and perusing the former student’s files, I was so amazed with how God can really raise a child from nobody to somebody. We children who started this COK programme, we are now working others as Assistant Coordinators, Teachers, Engineers, Policemen, and Accountants.  Others are managers at Ngo’s. All of us are now in a group called SI-COK ALUMNI in which we want to start sponsoring other Turkana children as a way of thanking God from what He Has really done for us through SI-COK sponsorship.

Esther Kaaleng Assistant Coordinator for Children of the Kingdom- Kenya


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