An Outreach to Remember

March 25, 2011

In February the SITE (Share International Team of Evangelism) hosted an outreach to the Turkana village of Naipa, which is just over 60 miles from the main town of Lodwar. During the week of prayer walks, open air evangelism, showing of the Jesus Film, corporate prayer, and baptism 1,185 people professed Christ as their Savior and many were baptized. In just one of the meetings of about 500 people, 300 gave their lives to Christ and 121 of them wanted to be baptized immediately that same day! SITE baptized all of them!
The village and the Share International staff and volunteers got to hear the amazing testimony of the village chief after he too gave his life to Christ. The man came from a home where his father was a witch doctor, a cattle rustler and a murderer. The man himself, upon his father’s death, followed in his footsteps, stealing cattle and committing other crimes. The chief openly shared this story with his village after praying a prayer of repentance and asking Jesus to become the ruler of his life.
Please pray now for these new believers as trials may accompany their new faith. Pray for strong discipleship (through SI’s Discipleship Program and other related spiritual growth programs) to get underway immediately; that Christ will break down any spiritual bondage in the village from their former ways. Also prayer for money to be raised for a small structure in the village where the new believers can meet for worship and biblical preaching/teaching. The structure will also serve to shelter nursery school children and adult literacy classes during the week. The cost for the shelter is approximately $2,500.

Group of people coming forward to pray to accept Christ.

Listening to preaching.

Prayer walk

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