Man in desperate need receives new home

March 10, 2015

Share International has been able to share a blessing with a wonderful man, James Loyete, from Nabuin village in Turkanaland this year.  A generous Share International donor requested funds donated be used to build a new home for someone in desperate need for shelter. James was chosen. He used to live alone in a small papyrus hut. He has neither wife nor children to take care of him. His sister and her family helped him build the papyrus. James is a devoted Christian.

In the words of Dr. Sammy Murimi, “When I’ve held meetings with the men in Nabuin village in the past, he stood out as a strong Christian brother. He shines for Christ in the village – no question about that! His face says it all! Amazing work of the Holy Spirit.”

Below is a picture of James in front of his new home.

James-new hut

James’ new home next to his old hut.

New vs old

James expressed his gratitude –  “I am very happy! And let the donor’s name be written in the book of life, and may his family and his descendants be blessed; because this year I have seen God Himself reveal to me this year. For many years people used to call me many disgraceful names. But now the God of Host has come to me to see that I have a better hut to shelter in. May the LORD GOD of ZION remember you in all the things you do. Ejok Noi! (Thanks very much)”

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