2017 STORM Update July 14

July 16, 2017

Well, God had a different plan for our trip to the unreached village of Kaabangang. We left early Friday morning only to get to the river and find that a truck was precariously sitting in the bridge ready to be washed in. You see the river was running over the roadway and the driver got afraid and almost lost it into the river. It took 2 hours to get the road cleared.
We finally arrived in the village around noon, to find a couple hundred people there, waiting for us. We did not need to go hut to hut, we simply had to send them to the designated trees and start ministering to them. That afternoon, many made professions of faith. That evening, we showed the Jesus film under the stars on a screen. Hundreds were there to see a movie in there language about Jesus. They clapped for the “Good Guy” every time He did something they liked. (Remember that this was the first time they’d ever seen a movie. Can you imagine?)
We spent the night in tents in the village. It was one heck of a campout, surrounded by so many Turkana brothers and sisters.
Today, we presented the Gospel and asked who wanted to make a personal decision for Christ. Over 100 made professions of faith and were baptized in the river by Pastor Trent and Sammy.
This may have been the most amazing experience of my life. The team was blessed and, even more so, a blessing to the Turkana people. Please rejoice with me for the 100 new souls who will be in Heaven when we get there.


We just finished a 4 hour worship service at the SEND Center. It included much singing, mostly in Swahili, and a whole lot of energy, dancing, jumping and praise to the Lord. Many of the missionaries wore their native costumes to remind themselves that they are ministering to villages and must reach them where they are. Pastors Bob Petterson and Trent Casto from Covenant Church preached together from 1 Corinthians 1:1-3. They reminded us to expect great things from God, who is our power, and then attempt great things for God, in His power. We also commissioned 40 new missionaries and a large number of Sunday School teachers. Finally we concluded with communion. It was truly a day of worship to our great God.



OK, we’re approaching the finish line in Turkana. Tomorrow (Monday) we travel to Nayada village for one day of ministry and baptisms. Then Tuesday we go to Lopeisajait village. This will be our final ministry opportunity. God has led us and richly blessed us and you have prayed for us. It is all and more than we ever expected. (Aren’t our expectations of God always less than he delivers)? Anyway, keep praying for us…safety for travel on bad roads, receptive hearts and the right words and expressions as we minister. God is good. All the time!


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