15th Annual Children of the Kingdom December Outreach

December 23, 2015

The 15th Annual Children of the Kingdom student outreach this year took place in the village of Lokitoe an’gaberu. Forty students joined the mission from December 9th- 16th accompanied by Children of the Kingdom coordinator, John Lohoi, and assistant coordinator, William Kanayo.

Group photo before departuring from share office

They rented a bus from Erait Academy for the journey. Due to high water levels, the bus got stuck along the way in the Napasnyan’g River (about 51 km from Lodwar), and the students had to sleep there until the following morning when they were able to push the bus out of the river and continue their journey to Lokitoe an’gaberu.

C.O.K trying to push the vehicle in the morning

While they were in the village, they held open air meetings to share the gospel, conducted classes for adults and children, and led evening worship services. During this time, it was reported that 557 people acknowledged and accepted Christ as Lord.

The C.O.K and the  believers praying for church ground

The most beautiful story from the mission trip was on Sunday at the worship service that they were leading when one of our students prayed and asked God to provide money for the construction of a church there. (In this village, there is no church building and they have just been meeting under a tree.) This prompted other students to pledge to give items for construction. Among this group of forty sponsored children in Children of the Kingdom, they promised to give 26 iron sheets, 4 plastic chairs, 6 wood beams, and 5 church curtains. The coordinator also promised to contribute 5 iron sheets. The children agreed that the deadline for the bringing of the pledges will be first week of January. While these items that they committed to give are not enough to finish the construction, this is a good beginning, and they are trusting God for open doors to complete this construction.

This outpouring of generosity is amazing and goes to show that our children are living out what Children of the Kingdom is all about:

To share the gospel and our very lives with children in need through the gift of sponsorship for education to equip them to be missional servants in the kingdom.  

We are so grateful for the opportunity that God gave these students to share the gospel and their very lives and we are grateful for the impact it made on their lives and on the community.


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