Sponsor a Child



Name of the Child: Vanjarapu Madhavi   

Date of Birth: July 31, 2003                        Birthplace: Srikakulam                   

School:   Alba Public School                       Class: 3rd grade 

Madhavi is a young girl living

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Anna Huff turned 11 this past November.  For her birthday, we asked friends who came to her party to bring donations.  $500 was raised from friends and family, and we are so thankful that these funds allowed for…

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We have celebrations to share in Children of the Kingdom.

What power there is in numbers!! 

  1. Two students will receive their diplomas in December.  David Eliokono is graduating

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It is so exciting to see a new generation of sponsors being raised up in Turkanaland.  This summer, we sent t-shirts over to the students who are  a part of the alumni association of Children of the Kingdom.  Many of…


It has been a walk of faith in this ministry since 1989. God has used His people to help us minister to thousands of souls without hope, with many of them surrendering their lives to Christ as their Savior and being baptized. I believe God wants...