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Share International (SI) exists to share the Gospel and our very lives among the unreached in Sub-Saharan East Africa through training and sending missionary nationals to establish self-multiplying churches that minister to the whole person. SI accomplishes that mandate through:

  1. Sending & Supporting indigenous missionaries and pastors who engage in Church-Planting

Sponsor a Child

Samuel Lopeyok - Waiting List

Samwel Lopeyok

Date of Birth: 1996
Birthplace: Lokitaung
Samwel Lopeyok is an 8th grade student needing $35/month

Sponsor a Child

petero nawet 2014

Petero Nawet


Date of Birth: 1995
Birthplace: Lodwar
Petero Nawet is a student needing $35/month 

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Agnes Akai - Waiting List

Agnes Akai


Date of Birth: November 15, 1997
Birthplace: Lodwar
Agnes Akai is an 11th grade student needing $35/ month 

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Selina Lobokan - Waiting for sponsor

Selina Lobokan


Date of Birth: 1992
Birthplace: Lodwar
Selina Lobokan is a university student needing $65/month 

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Eliud Epem


Date of Birth: October 10, 1991
Birthplace: Lodwar
Eliud Epem is a university student needing $65/month 

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Julie Lowoyan

Date of Birth: 1997
Birthplace: Lokitaung
Julie Lowoyan is a 9th grade student needing $35/month 

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Sylvia Arii - Waiting list

Sylvia Arii



Date of Birth: 1992
Birthplace: Kerio
Sylvia Arii  is a foster child needing $20/month under the care of Dalmas Esekon

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Samuel Ejikon-Waiting List

Samuel Ejikon


Date of Birth: May 14, 1993
Birthplace: Nakabaran
Samuel Ejikon is a foster child needing $20/month under the care of Pastor Francis Elim 

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Benard Lokwee Nanok 2014

Bernard Lokwee Nanok

Date of Birth:
 December 22, 1999
Birthplace: Lodwar
Bernard Lokwee Nanok is an 8th grade student needing $35/month 

Sponsor a Child

Samson Ekal 2014

Samson Ekal

Date of Birth: 1994
Birthplace: Lodwar
Samson Ekal is a student needing $35/month 

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